2017 Tour – Workshop Schedule

2016 turned out to be quite different than it had been planned.The series of medical procedures, including two major surgeries, turned my schedule upside down. All pre booked events were successfully completed though thanks to my colleagues and friends who looked after them. In that respect the photo tours were all great, it was only me who missed the boat. I guided the first tour only in Scotland, it was a ton of fun for all of us.

Well, I got a clean bill of health from my doctors and feel better than ever. I am back exercising daily, power walk three miles in the morning and two miles in the evening. So, it is time to get my 2017 plans out.

  1. I’ll have another early spring photo tour in the back country of Northern England and the Scottish Borders. Timing will be similar like this year, one week at the end of March early April. So we’ll be back home well before Good Friday. The weather usually misty in early spring but very enjoyable and the countryside is ablaze with daffodils. We’ll stay in bed and breakfast places where I had stayed before, it is a unique way to get the best experience of the land and local people.
  2. I plan to have a one week tour in the Grand Tetons again in late May. The base camp will be in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We’ll do a side visit to Yellowstone one or two days, weather conditions permitting. Once I had to cancel one day due to a fluke snow storm that closed the South Entrance road. Excellent scenery and wildlife possibilities. We need to book accommodation soon because the lodges always get fully booked for late May. Small group tour, limited to four participants only.
  3. I’ll have two six day trips to Ontario’s Algonquin park. These are camping trips, the camp sites have electricity and well appointed shower facilities are available. We’ll complete a couple of longer trails and several shorter ones to photograph scenery, wildlife, macro. Contact me for further details soon please. I’ll need to reserve the camp sites early as booking becomes available in the beginning of 2017. The first tour – workshop is in early June the second is in October. Early June is excellent with the renewed freshness of plants, mother moose with their calves and the occasional black bear sow with her cubs. Group size is limited to six people.
  4. I’ll have a Bear Photography Tour in British Columbia in prime bear habitat. It is scheduled for the very end of August and the beginning of September. We’ll have the opportunity to photograph from a boat as we’ll drift downstream and also from ashore as the grizzlies fish in the water. Accommodation is in a well appointed lodge in a scenic setting. This is a very mall group tour, limited to four guests only, so please contact me soon if you wish to confirm a spot.

Send me a note please for exact schedule, particular details, cost, etc. All photo tours are to be reserved with a non refundable deposit and paid full two months prior to the start of the event.