I have been a photographer since childhood. I got the bug from my photographer uncle during my early teenage years. I learnt the basics and more from him, including the dark science of developing and printing. Art studies and a lifetime behind the camera followed naturally. I ventured into other fields of the arts too. I have done illustrations for advertising and religious publications. Then I got involved in designing traditional pipe organs on two continents. How did that happen? Do not ask, the answer would require a full web site on its own. However, it gave me a good opportunity to photograph architecture, primarily church interiors.

I am retired now and photograph nature “full time”. Well, it is much more relaxing out there in nature’s studio than in any commercial setting. I am an avid outdoorsman and a supporter of nature conservation. I hope to inspire others to do the same, to be good stewards of nature. Let nature conservation be our guiding principle, work at it as bees work tirelessly every day. We need a clean environment for both mankind and bees, for generations to come.

Bee on blue flower