My Philosophy

My strong connection to nature and the outdoors is rooted in my childhood upbringing or, in some cases, the lack of it. My parents worked long shifts and I was made to be self reliant from a very early age.  I grew up as the local Huckleberry Finn, always out there fishing, climbing trees or the roof of the occasional barn. I camped out by the river in a reed hut most of the summer and beyond, cooked the fish that I caught, watched the ducks in the marsh, picked wild berries to sell, tended to the farmer’s cattle to make money and the list goes on.

It is no wonder that I am strongly attached to nature and extremely caring of it. I admire the approach of native indians, take only what you need, leave the rest to grow for the next generation. Conserving nature, protecting it from being over harvested and ruined is a mission I strongly believe. No shareholders gain of today can be more important than clean rivers and air for today and tomorrow. Stripping the land for bigger profits will not solve social and economic issues that today’s societies face with. It is only the balance between humans and nature that can provide sustained existence for mankind. I hope that contributing to nature conservation by various means, including photography, makes a difference. I believe that showing the beauty and delicate features of nature can inspire everyone to be a better steward of our land. So let’s work at nature conservation as busy as bees. All in all bees are a good example and an important indicator of a healthy environment.

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