Gear – Other Notes

I change my gear from time to time and have some equipment for sale, I always offer a fair value, check here once in a while.

Presented by Antal I. Kozma

Presented by Antal I. Kozma

I replaced my Nikon D4 and D7200 cameras with the D500 model. The D4 has been sold while the D7200 went to my daughter. The D7200 is still a very capable camera and will serve her for years to come.

The D500 in conjunction with the D810 is my preferred choice now for wildlife and nature photography. The D500 incorporated the sturdiness and agility of the D4 and the DX reach versatility of the D7200 into a single camera. The D810 on the other hand is the tool for most of my landscape and general wildlife photography. With this change in camera body choices I have effectively reduced the weight of my camera bag which matters a lot when I am in the back country for days in a row.

Presented by naturephototrail.comI have added a new long zoom to my arsenal of lenses. The newcomer is the Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens. I’ve tested it for two weeks and have found it a very good performer in every aspect. So I ended up buying a copy for myself. As of durability I need to wait and see how it will withstand the elements in the great outdoors. However, its construction seems solid and Tamron claims that every possible joint is weather sealed.

It focuses fast, faster than my Nikkor 200-500mm by a decent margin. Its VC works well, in VC1 mode I am confident to shoot at 1/80th second with the lens set to 600mm. That is a very fair VC performance. The lens focuses down to 2.2m and as such it is a good close-up tool for butterflies. I find the lens to be optically very good at 600mm, closing down to f8 causes only very slight improvement if any. The lens foot is well constructed and has Arca Swiss compatibility. The lens hood attached firmly  unlike the hood of the Nikkor zoom that gets loose easily if slightly bumped. The Tamron G2 is 1.99kg as opposed to the Sigma 150-600mm Sport which is 2.86kg. The G2 lens is 2 pounds lighter than the Sigma. So, it is likely that with the Tamron G2’s all over improved performance, especially its optical performance at 600mm, many will take a serious look at this new lens for wildlife and bird photography. I find that my D500 with the battery holder and the Tamron G2 I have a combo that I can carry for extended day trips without breaking my back.

Of course I’ll keep my Nikkor 200-500mm f5.6 lens for the time being. I had two copies of it and traded one in when purchased the Tamron G2. If the Tamron G2 will prove itself on the long run then my grandson will be the happy recipient of my Nikkor 200-500mm zoom.

A few words about my backpacks and other carry gear:

I have a number of name brand camera bags that I collected through the years. However, I hadn’t been totally satisfied with any of them.  That changed when a friend of mine pointed me towards ThinkTank Photo in early 2015. I hit gold, I purchased their Glass Limo to carry my 500mm lens attached to a camera while trekking. Well, I’ve never turned back and since then acquired several products from both ThinkTank Photo and their sister company MindshiftGear. I am totally convinced that they make the best, most innovative and comfortable backpacks and carry gear. The quality is outstanding and their price structure is very much favourable.

I use the Glass Limo for most of my wilderness trekking and canoe trips. The backpack is expandable via add on compartments, waterproof and extremely comfortable. When I need all the gear and supplies that I can carry I resort to the Firstlight 40L.  It can hold a ton of equipment both inside and on the outside. It is a superb backpack for the hardcore outdoor photographer. Its harness is adjustable to different body sizes and it feels lighter fully loaded than any other brand I have ever tried. Just a side note: I am not a salesman for these companies, I just find them the absolutely best. I included their links below, check them out if you are after some seriously good gear for nature or travel photography. By the way, check out their belt carry products too.